History Monday: The History of Zimbabwe – Intro and Disclaimer

Welcome back to my blog everyone.

So this History Monday marks the beginning of our History of Zimbabwe series. As we are fast approaching election time I think its safe to say, we are very anxious and praying that we experience free, fair and legitimate elections.

I was pondering over what I could possible talk about that would benefit young Zimbabweans such as myself and I came up with the idea of educating ourselves on the real history of our nation.

Now before we begin, I would like to put a disclaimer that this is my own research and I will attempt to ensure I put my sources at the bottom of each post so each of you can personally investigate for yourself if you need to. Like I have said before, to make a change in the future, you must be well versed in the past.

So buckle down and join me on this exciting ride through our nation’s history.


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