History Monday: The Lancaster House Agreement Part 1

The last History Monday Series looked at the Rise of Zimbabwean Nationalism and we ended with Independence in 1980. Now with the Land Redistribution of the late 90’s and 2000’s; there have been many claims by the current Mugabe Regime to cite the failure of the British government to fulfill agreements made in the Lancaster House Agreement. However, ridiculous the claims are and whatever argument as the opposition or the citizens of Zimbabwe we can level against this obvious excuse by the Mugabe regime to enact atrocities against White Zimbabweans and Opposition parties; we need to be informed. If like me, you were born after independence, you might know anything about this agreement and with the poor excuse of the History lessons we received; let’s take this opportunity to educate each other.

So this History Monday we will look at the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979. Part 1 will list the delegates that were present and the run up to the agreement.

The British government invited Zimbabwe-Rhodesia delegation led by Methodist Bishop Muzorewa and Patriotic Front delegation led by Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.

After the meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Lusaka from 1 to 7 August 1979, the British Government invited the two delegations to the table in a Constitutional Conference at Lancaster House. The purpose of the conference was to discuss and reach an agreement on terms for an Independence Constitution with general elections monitored by the British government so all parties settle their differences peacefully. The conference began on 10 September.

United Kingdom Delegation:

Lord Carrington, Sir I Gilmour, Sir Havers, Lord Harlech, Mr R Luce, Sir M Palliser, Sir A Duff, Mr D Day, Mr R Byatt, Mr R Renwick, Mr P Fifoot, Mr N Fenn, Mr G Warden, Mr C Powell, Mr P Barlow, Mr R Wilkinson, Mr A Layden, Mr R Lyne,  Mr M Richardson, Mr C Chassiron, Mrs A Phillips, Mr M Wood.

Patriotic Front Delegation:

Mr J Nkomo, Mr R Mugabe, Mr J Chinamano, Mr E Tekere, Gen J Tongogara, Mr E Kadungure, Dr H Ushewokunze, Mr D Mutumbuka, Mr Tungamirai, Mr E Zvobgo, Mr S Mubako,  Mr W Kamba, Mr J Msika, Mr T Silundika, Mr A Chambati, Mr John Nkomo, Mr L Baron, Mr S Sibanda, Mr E Mlambo,  Mr C Ndlovu, Miss E Siziba.

Zimbabwe- Rhodesia Delegation:

Bishop A Muzorewa,  Dr S Mundawarara, Mr E Bulle, Mr F Zindoga, Mr D Mukome, Mr G Nyandoro, Rev N Sithole, Mr L Nyemba, Chief K Ndiweni, Mr Z Bafanah, Mr I Smith, Mr D Smith, Mr R Cronje, Mr C Andersen,  Dr J Kamusikiri,  Mr G Pincus,  Mr L Smith, Air Vice Marshal H Hawkins, Mr D Zamchiya, Mr S Mutambanengwe, Mr M Adam, Mr P Claypole.






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