Home – A poem

Looking out at a world that was never mine,
I grieve for the land I left behind.
The beauty of the morning sun here does not reach me,
My mind pictures the sunrise I woke up to in my youth.

The birds would sing outside my window,
The wind would blow the curtains aside,
Whilst the sun cast light into my room
Oh what a sight it was!

I miss the little things,
Those things that were so insignificant but now mean the world!

I remember the smell of the rain,
How the air would smell of wet earth and leaves,
The aroma would surround and engulf the senses
Transporting them to a peaceful land far away.

I remember sitting by the fire surrounded by smoke,
Listening to the tale my Grandmother would be telling,
Trapping us in a world that used to exist,
Tale after tale she would tell until the fire was just embers
And our little minds too tired to hear anymore.

I remember the Christmas afternoons spent selling mangoes
Watching drama after drama unfold in the township.
Afternoons spent in the boiling sun but what a laugh we had!
Blair toilets we were too afraid to use and using the bush instead
Oh man those were the days!

Too many little memories that are etched into my mind
Memories that are both sweet and sour;
Sweet because such a time existed,
Sour because such a time is lost forever.

Ah home…………. How I never appreciated you
Lost to me now I see your worth.
How I shouldve known to cherish you, to love you while I had you.


One of the old poems I penned in 2009. The count is a bit off but enjoy none the less.

One comment

  1. As a child that grew up in Zimbabwe and left for personal reasons, I can relate to your poem. It is our home and yet we never truly appreciated it.
    Don’t be modest, this is beautiful


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