Zimbabwe? Unique? Really?!

A piece I wrote 3 years ago for itsazindexworld.blogspot.com. 

Zimbabwe? Unique? Really?!

I don’t know about you but for me, when I moved across the ocean re-learning proper colloquialism was a mission and a half. I mean who knew that ‘sheesh’ was not a word used to express annoyance but used to describe some sort of Turkish meat eaten after a night of partying and drinking.I can’t even count the amount of unusual looks I got for calling a toilet, a shank or a sausage, a boerwors nor calling a barbeque, a braai. Funnily enough whenever I met a new Zimbabwean acquaintance, it was like I had met my bosom buddy and we would lapse into conversations about the good ol’ days. Friends from other countries would stop and stare and wonder how having only met we could part as life long friends. That is the Zimbabwean way I guess. We are different and unique.

You heard me right, we are unique. Like I know every country has a claim to uniqueness but quite frankly we are a cut above the rest. How many nations can say they can start a trend that will encompass the entire population, from young to old, from exiles to freemen? Who knew that parents knew what ‘zvikufaya, popopo, unotoshaya zvirikufambasei’ meant and would randomly drop it into normal conversation with the ease of a teenager.Looking at the pages of Zvirikufaya naKeda, Zvirikufaya and Unotoshaya kuti zvirikufambasei on Facebook; I am blown away. I am quite frankly taken aback, Zimbabweans are spread all over the world but we are irrevocably connected.

I am constantly arguing with people about being proud of who they are and where they come from. For all you Zimbabweans out there, be proud. Like quite seriously be proud. We can’t claim to have beautiful beaches of Greece but we do have sand dunes in Kariba; we can’t claim to have beautiful snow tipped Alps but we do have the hills of Nyanga; we can’t claim to have 900 channels on ZBC but we do have the great outdoors; we can’t claim to have the fame of Hollywood but no one on earth can claim to not know about economically troubled Zimbabwe.  Some of our claims of pride aren’t anything to be proud of but there is one thing we can say: We are UNIQUE.


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