Another Year, Another 21st Movement

Dear Youth of the Lost Generation,

Today is History Monday and I have a story to share with you. It’s a tale of sorrow, woe and broken dreams. You see once not too long ago, we were a proud people. We had won our independence and like the good Christians we were; we extended a hand of peace to those we had picked up guns to fight. We were true icons and our country was at peace. But alas, where once we were one people, we now killed each other. Set apart by tribal roots. Where once we were a bread basket, we became a laughingstock and beggars to the kwacha we once scorned. Our voices were stamped out and our basic rights stripped from us. Our daily lives now made to live under an undeclared police state. George Orwell’s nightmarish 1984 became our existence.

To add insult to injury, we as youth were made to take part in celebrations that commemorated the life of a man who single handedly ripped our futures away from us and gave us squalor, oppression and death instead. We are encouraged to emulate Mr Mugabe’s ‘revolutionary ideals, charismatic leadership and selfless dedication to the Zimbabwean and African Cause’

Since 1986, the Zanu PF Youth League has been the traditional organisers of this event. The movement has since been added into the Zanu PF political calender. Under it all, participation in this movement is an ongoing campaign against ‘Western powers’ and the opposition.

So my fellow youth, this is just a tip of the iceberg. As you sit back and relax or as you put on party regalia and take part in the celebrations; you are supporting this man who has taken away our future.

Start learning more about History. As usual, I will be back next Monday with another history ‘lesson’.

21st Movement

‘Emulate Mr Mugabe’s revolutionary ideals, charismatic leadership and selfless dedication to the Zimbabwean and African Cause’??? Is this a joke I am not party to?




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