What is the 21st February Movement

Yes, a whole week has passed and we have arrived back to another History Monday! This week, I am going to do something I do not usually do. I will start on the 21st movement early this year. I have always gotten the impression every year that the youth of Zimbabwe, regardless of geographical location; do not quite understand what this is.

21st youth

It is not just Mugabe’s birthday, it stands for so much more than that. By taking part in this annual event, we acknowledge that this tyrant is icon of Africa, a hero of the people and a revolutionist of the highest calibre!

This man was supposedly born on the 21st of February in 1924. I say supposedly because I am pretty sure he was 85 for 3 years in a row and with the manipulation of our history books, 1924 can be put up for debate.

Anyhow back to the history lesson.  The movement was established in 1986 as a means for the youth to celebrate ‘the lie of a revolutionary icon.’ Considering  this ‘revolutionary icon’ murdered our brothers and sisters in Matabeleland; this seems like more like a slap to the face and a great affront to our intelligence as youth of Zimbabwe. Should we have forgotten the events of four years prior?

Mugabe 91 Birthday

Mr Mugabe was made patron of the movement and annual events have since been on a rotational basis within the provinces of Zimbabwe. This celebration is embedded in the political persona of Mr Mugabe and taking part is declaring you agree with his policies.

So youth of Zimbabwe around the world; don’t make it a habit to participate in these celebrations without first taking time to find out what you are supporting. This is more than just people eating cake; this is a political stage with political players strumming their policies for all to hear.

Want to learn more?

Here is a resource for you to have an objective read through. Make up your own mind.

Further reading:http://www.pindula.co.zw/21st_February_Movement


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