21st Movement: It’s that time again

As I mentioned in our ‘History Monday’ everyone, it is that time of the year again. The 21st  of  February is fast approaching and we will be celebrating our ‘beloved’ leader’s 92nd birthday. According to reports already coming out of Harare; this will be the most extravagant one yet.

The event will supposedly be held at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo Province.  Supposedly the budget is not out yet but I would bet my last dollar that it will far surpass the US$1m that was blown last year at Victoria Falls. Some of you are probably wondering why I believe it will be the most extravagant yet; well when you rule with an iron fist and people are starting to see signs of weakness………you naturally have to come out fighting showing the world that you are not down and out  but alive and kicking.

What sickens me every year is the blatant disregard of the nation’s populous. Last year you had the party goers served with a varied array of beef, chicken, fish, the expensive kudu, (deer like animal) and buffalo meat. Eight extravagant cakes were made and you know what? At that exact time, most families could not afford meat, bread or basic necessities. If the populous ate mushroom, its because they foraged for it. If the populous ate buffalo, its because some poor sod had to go out and risk his life killing it.

In the meantime, Mugabe’s peers in Africa are hailing him as ‘a true liberation hero’.  He might have been but that hero is long dead now.Such disdain from our African family is unacceptable. Can they not hear our people crying? We were a bread basket and now we have been reduced to beggars. World do you not hear our cry?

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Who is Robert G. Mugabe?

Mugabe 91 Birthday
The nonagenarian enjoying his 91st Birthday Cake.

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