Eden Children’s Village – A Poem

In 2007, I had the privilege of spending a week volunteering with Eden Children’s Village in Doma, Mashonaland West Provoince. This is poem penned of the memory I have of that time.

Broken hearts,
broken bodies
A parentless home
Desperate for hope
Their eyes turn to you for answers
But you have none.

They turn away
You catch the glimpse of a tear
But as they return their gaze to yours,
Their eyes are clear and a smile touches their lips.

Your heart breaks because what more can you do?
They are losing the fight for another day
Their backs are breaking from the load they carry.
You are straining for words but none come.

All you can do is play with them
Make them forget even just for a second,
Just for an afternoon their lives are normal
They are just children once again.
Your only gift is the illusion of the youth they lost.

Where are the answers for these children!?
Who can save them from the life they didn’t ask for?
The life that was thrust upon them,
A consequence to a mistake they never made.

I remember their eyes most of all,
They were broken eyes but in them was hope.
They were stronger than I.
Stronger for they believed life could get better.

I just remembered Eden Children’s Village. I had forgotten about it, of those days  spent there. Countless times I have told people I volunteered in high school but I had forgotten what we had seen there, what we had felt there, what we hoped to do when we got back to school and never did. It was like my mind had suppressed the memory so I wouldn’t remember it.

this is just to say I do remember…don’t know what I’m going to do but I REMEMBER

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