The Parable about Mamvura and the idle Bus

Have you ever heard of a story of a man suffering from a mental illness whose name was Mamvura in areas such as Sadza in Chikomba?  He was well known in Njanja and Hwedza. He used to spend time at Sadza Township and stood by watching buses that came there: some heading to Buhera, some Hwedza, and some to Masasa and Nharira or the other way round when all buses would be going to Salisbury. Some drivers had a system of leaving buses idling as they went to eat sadza and maguru or mazondo and passengers ran to the toilets and replenishing their stocks of beer and so on. Women with babies had a chance of changing nappies while others just dropped to have fresh cool air. You know the baking heat in Zimbabwe and what happens if you travel by bus. Anyway back to Mamvura. He had always told people braaing meat and drinking clear cold Castle, Black Label or Lion or masese (Chibuku) that one day he was going to drive one of the buses. People laughed as they dismissed him; a mad man driving a bus? His madness was getting worse, so they said. One day Mamvura got on one of the buses left idling and drove away towards Buhera. People were shocked. The driver and his conductor and other passengers chased the bus on foot. Some passengers clutching several quarts of beer in both hands ran side by side with the bus, but were swallowed in the dust and gave up as Mamvura felt encouraged and increased speed. They gave up the chase. Those on the bus cried. They tried to jump off the moving bus but Mamvura was smiling and increasing the speed. He enjoyed the noise from the wailing passengers. As the bus approached a bridge ahead, some passengers began praying so that their souls can be received well in heaven. And the unexpected happened. Mamvura crossed bridge but could not change the gears from the depression forcing the engine to go silent and the bus stopped. Some passengers broke windows and jumped out fearing Mamvura could start the engine. Many got injured. There was Mamvura laughing softly with a triumphant spirit that like he always promised, he had driven the bus.    Zimbabwe is the bus. Mugabe is Mamvura. We are the passengers. We failed to guard our country from being driven by a mad man long back. We left Zimbabwe idling and Mamvura jumped onto the driver’s seat. Some of us are chasing the bus from outside and those inside are crying daily. Food for thought.
What are you going to do??? We will vote in 2018!! 


  1. Nyaya yaMamvura is sadly true. Mugabe is our Mamvura and we have been the people letting him get away with his crazy driving


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