Film Wednesday: Zimboz in Capetown


After 7 years of hunger and suffering. A Zimbabwean lady ( Maidei ) followed her husband (James) to Capetown South Africa. To her own surprise; her husband was having an affair with a Xhosa South African lady (Tembie) and they were staying together. Maidei didn’t have an other choice but to stay with her husband and his side chick.

Written and directed by Nelia Dambakurima who played the character of Maidei; Nelia was born 1987 in Gweru Zimbabwe. She attended and completed her high school in 2004 at Mkoba3 high School. Nelia Dambakurima is a multi- talented young lady. In 2009 she moved to Capetown and she wrote a Novel titled Do or Die, to be released soon. And she is busy writing a series titled Kingdom lifestyle. Nelia is passionate about Filmmaking, Music and writing all for the glory of God.
She is also the founder of Release My Destiny Production working together with Raymond Matengambiri playing the Character of James.
Raymond Matengambiri is the Founder of Budness Dealer Palace and Matichaaa Music Production. Born 1991 in Kadoma Zimbabwe. He worked with Matichaaa Music from for two years from 2012-2014.
Raymond Matengambiri; Edited and Produced Zimboz in Capetown. He is a multi-talented young man, And passionate about Music and Acting.
In Music industry he is known as Sekuru Ray Mat and he recorded and released more than 4 albums. His latest album titled Nguva yeduzvino ( Now it’s our turn),
Thandiswa Khumalo actress; played the Character of Thembie on the Movie. She was born and grew up in South Africa. Stayed in Joburg and moved to Capetown, where is based.
Behind the Camera Lazarus Chibvuri. Owner of Lesra films and Lesra wears. Born in Zimbabwe. He is now Staying in Capetown.
The purpose of Release My Destiny production ( RMD) is to bring good news to the world. Reveal the hidden truth and to Glorify the name of God.

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