ZANU PF grand theft of the bank

Sat, 20 May 2017 14:59:53
ZANU PF grand theft of the century has wiped out all the money from the depositors’ bank account to buy luxury cars for its election campaign. ZANU PF top leaders are pathological thieves rooted in a diminished moral responsibly to self-restraint. They have an irresistible moral deficiency that propels them to steal from the public for reasons that are devoid of economic motives.The neurotic desire to steal has become a psychological grandstanding by ZANU PF to show off, laugh at people and to make fools out the Zimbabwean public. ZANU PF corruption and theft of public money is now an institution endorsed by ZANU PF which they are determined to sustain and to ensure that the culture of corruption and patronage strives within its ranks. ZANU PF has now been transformed into a habitual and well established institute of thieves with an appetite for misappropriation, embezzlement, diversion and conversion of public money and resources for illegal use on themselves.
The corrupt ZANU PF government system trades in bribes, fraud, extortions, abuse of power and privileges, favouritism and nepotism. Corruption has become endemic in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF encourages corruption within its patronage clients characterized by bad governance, red tape and bad policies. The ZANU PF government has stolen and left the national banks dry of the United States dollars from depositors’ bank accounts spending the money on hundreds of British made Ford Fiestas, several British made pickup trucks and dozens of buses for its election campaign at a cost of $60mililion dollars. Hate the British but love their products. The government of ZANU PF has not shown the same enthusiasm and energy to invest in capital goods, human and social capital. ZANU pf has prioritised the purchase automobile in the expense of capitalisation of the industry to create wealth and employment, in the expense of the provision of medical stock and equipment in the health sector, in the expense of resuscitating the transport industry; air, rail and roads infrastructure.
While the teachers, nurses, doctors, the police, army and the rest of the civil servants are deliberately hamstrung by eroded salaries and better working conditions the government of ZANU PF is signing a cheque to the British car manufacturing Company for the purchase of ford fiestas, pickup trucks and buses for an election campaign by its party. This behaviour is a panic response that underlines the fact that ZANU PF pretty much knows that it has very little chances of winning the next election in 2018 with bedridden Robert Mugabe being the face of their election campaign. Voting for ZANU PF is voting for perpetual suffering. ZANU PF government and party officials have abandoned their obligations and duties in the service of the public but for their own pleasure seeking and merry bound at the expense of the economic misery of the ordinary people. The government of ZANU PF introduced the bond notes as a ploy to free up the US dollar to proper up its ZANU pf party. The leadership of ZANU PF is unable to disclose the source of financing the purchase their election fleet of vehicles because it is bad money taken out of the national banking system.The cars, pickup trucks and buses do not represent an economic injection and returns to the country. Purchasing luxury cars represents a financial leakage from the demand and supply economic equation that has caused a crisis of cash shortages. This is the reason why there are endless daily queues at banks people queuing for money that has already been stolen the party of pretenders The position is that the government is hell bent on collecting all the US dollars from the public and replacing them with the bond notes. If a US dollar is tendered the change is given in bond notes; what a big violation of the rights of people. When people hold back their US dollars from circulation the government arrests them accusing them of hoarding money. The government of ZANU PF is the main offender. The government is running premium United States dollars bank accounts exclusively for government officials, their business connections and friends who have unlimited access to the US dollar making then the only ones importing luxury goods and goods for resale in Zimbabwe. All ordinary citizens are expected to wait in queues for hours and days on end not for the US dollar but bond coins that have also vanished from circulation.
The decline of civility within the ZANU PF camp has increased attitudes of the disregard of the laws of ethics, the rights of others and the rise of adversary culture. The pursuit of power is now accepted as a need to exploit and intimidate others. The moral framework of egoism, lack of self-respect, increase in selfishness and lack of compassion by ZANU PF elite has nourished in the face of civic suffering. Honesty, honour and trust which is a social and moral virtue for self-policing has declined to epidemic levels. ZANU PF elite is disengaging and disassociating with the broken, hurting and neglected people of Zimbabwe. ZANU PF elite are living a life disconnected from the people of Zimbabwe. They have long abandoned Zimbabwe as a country of their national heritage. ZANU PF does not care about people. Never think that ZANU PF will ever care about you. They will let you ride on the cars from money stolen from you during this election period to buy your vote and once you have voted for them their interpretation is that you have given them the right to continue to steal from the public.
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