I initially struggled to get endorsement from my mother to enter active politics, part reason

I chose to play a back role for a while helping with planning, policy formulation and research in FJCZ.
When she finally realised that I was very passionate about wanting to serve society she gave me one stern warning about Zimbabwe politics.
“Don’t be fooled son into thinking people like you, some may be sincere but most will join you thinking you have a lot of money because of your family history, in politics if people truly value you they will invest and make sacrifices because they believe in the vision that you share. We willingly offered freedom fighters food risking our lives in the process for we understood what they were fighting for, so if you are so passionate and people sincerely believe in you then you will have no problems in accomplishing your objectives for they will be willing to make sacrifices like we did to help make it a reality”
Those were not the exact words but how I understood them and have continued to reflect back on them ever since. (words of wisdom). My journey so far has in some ways revealed this to be true to a certain extent, but I also believe part reason is because at grass-roots where I have been meeting the most deprived of opportunities, their hearts and minds have genuinely believed in what we have been working hard to share but because of the current socio-economic and political conditions in Zimbabwe it’s been very difficult for them to even sacrifice a dollar as they struggle to even buy air-time buddles to communicate using the cheapest mode of communication in the world (WhatsApp). Life is not a comfortable ride for the ordinary citizens and people have lost confidence in political solutions.
I have tried to engage some members of the business community and as you can imagine most are not interested in investing in anything that they do not see themselves gaining an immediate benefit, with some being brutally honest about why they can’t get involved, justifying their lack of interest in politics and focus on business as being part reason they do not do politics. Other’s simple hid behind fear of victimisation by state agents, whilst others questioned why I had not joined the more established political parties and worked from within as they were better resourced.
Politics requires not just nice sounding promises but well thought out strategies and in truth once you are in, it becomes really hard to turn your back and look the other way. I however believe in the saying where there is a will there is always a way.

The journey continues….but adjustments will be made.


NewsdzeZimbabwe at Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (Facebook) 

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