Vimbai and the Bulawayo Toilet Cleanup 

Hi Everyone,

Some people accuse social media activists of being ineffective in the struggle for change in Zimbabwe.  But today I give you Vimbai Musvaburi. 

Vimbai has become a social media session from her Facebook live videos where she explains why it is important to seek change in Zimbabwe. Today she showed she is not just a woman of many words but of actions too. 

On the 26th she went online to call for a Bulawayo public toilet clean up. She asked for tge citizens of Zimbabwe to cone together and make true change but starting in one of the areas that can spread diseases; our toilets. She called for citizens to bring a broom, mop and brush and detergents. 

As her Facebook will suggest two anonymous sponsors based in the UK and Australia donated detergents. And together with the citizens who joined were able to clean a few toilets in the City of Kings. 
Well done Vimbai, we need more like you to join the struggle and to prepare Zimbabwe for change.  

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