I had never thought to give this comparison; of our family structure and our government. We were raised under a government that governed our every move and unfairly took out their anger on us all. Sound familiar? That’s how mum would mass beat you all for the imagined crimes of one child

The Sound Of Silence

Ignoring womb politics,family is the initial system of governance you get inducted into in the land of the mortals. Your parents or guardians play the role of government while you and your siblings jostle for positions as civilians. Pardon me but i was born and raised under one government,a Zanu (PF) government.Adding family,i have experienced two governments and i am stuck in that”which came first THE EGG or THE HEN” scenario.

Now let me add colour to this verbal sculpture,i know a lot will relate. Earlier on I was watching the news and heard this Zanu (PF) comrade talking about how they fought for independence,land and so forth and he sounded exactly like my mom. My mom would rant about how she gave birth to me,raised me,sent me to school and after that crossed my mind i thought,”wait,there could be more”.

I then thought of how she would punish me…

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