Zimbabwe a Big Brother State??? 

Don’t forward any posts or videos etc., u receive  regarding politics/present situation about Government/PM etc.
Police have put out a notification termed ..Cyber Crime … and action will be taken…just delete…inform your friends & others too.
Writing or forwarding any msg on any political & religious debate is an offence now….arrest without warrant…
This is very serious, plz let it be known to all our groups and individual members as group admin can b in deep trouble.
Please take note of this seriously.
From tomorrow onwards there are new communication regulations.

All calls are recorded

All phone call recordings saved

Whatsapp is monitored

Twitter is monitored

Facebook is monitored

All social media and forums are monitored
Inform those who do not know.

Your devices are connected to ministry systems.

Take care not to send unnecessary messages.

Inform everyone about this and to take care. Please share it it’s very much true.

The sad state of affairs in Zimbabwe. Citizens live in fear, under threat, under constant watch and surveillance. When will Big Brother end??? 

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