Open Letter to Zanu PF Loyalists

To those who have stuck by the ruling party, 

I have spent the last couple of years studying the history of our country trying to figure out how we came to be where we are today as nation. My determined search for answers has brought me to this poin where I feel I must address the bevy of loyalists who seem to; despite all evidence to the contrary blame the opposition,  western world, UK and America for the mess we find ourselves in.

I don’t claim to know anymore thaN anyone else nor possess higher reasoning but it’s the desolation I see in the present and future of our nation that pushes me to speak out. The destruction of our nation was born out of the sheer selfishness and lack of honour or morals from our leaders as well as the blind devotion from those within the citizenry who dance to the tune of our leaders. 

The country we grew up in was one of fear and persecution of the mind. It was taboo to speak ill of the ‘heroic’ Mugabe. If you were heard your neighbour, brother, sister, mother, father, daughter or son would report you. I had heard of those times in the liberation struggles when ‘vatengesi’ (traitors) would be put through various forms of torture. This didn’t stop after independence, we had the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and what I can only describe as a secret police making rounds and putting ‘things’ on order. 

I can fully describe a scenario when I was speaking to a childhood friend on WhatsApp voice call and I began speaking about the situation in Zimbabwe and what can be done to make a change. Just the mention of MDC or Tsvangirai or the Elections or Mugabe and ZANU PF made my friend shriek and whisper that anyone could hear me. Who can hear me on a private call? The CIO’s apparently. Just voicing my discontent with Mugabe on the phone made a citizen fear the repurcussions. Now that my fellow citizens is not normal. We are not in a police state, we see our president claiming to be a sovereign and democratic state so let us live as if we are in one. And so I shall speak for the voiceless. 

We now are seeing a great phenomenon much like the Arab Spring where the youth are rising up and speaking out about the injustices committed in our nation. There are people like Pastor Evan, Silvanos, Zvorwadza, Vimbai, Linda and  Dzamara brothers and many others who have stood up to start movements that are seeking a peaceful change in our nation. This change has proved an uphill battle and I believe now more than  ever that it is a battle for the mind. 

We are fighting those within our population who still fear the strength of the CIO and the civilian dressed police who can swoop down at any moment and take you away, abduct you, beat you, kill you or inject you with an unknown substance.  Or worse yet disappear you like they have done to our brother in the struggle Itai Dzamara. 

Our general citizenry are burying rhwir heads in the sand and trying to survive in these terrible times but making no moves to make a change, to force a change within our government. We have so many commentators who are enthusiastic but these don’t translate to the proportion of the people. 
So now I write to the loyalist and ask you to explain to me why it is you sticking to ZANU PF. Do you live in a different Zimbabwe? What about the current situation in Zimbabwe? What do you have to say to this? I am in constant twitter showdowns with @ginothesaint and @dambudzo80 to name a few who seem to also bury their heads in their the sand. 

Can atleast one of you present  a logical argument as to why after 37 years and almost 20 years of economic meltdown, human rights violations and abductions and murder are you still supporting Mugabe and ZANU PF. 



One comment

  1. Karen, you haven’t actually addressed your issue. My one question to you is how long you have been overseas? You are obviously out of touch with the situation on the ground with CIOs. Don’t you know that there is surveillance everywhere? This is the truth of our lives. Whether you like it or not.


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