Wake up Zimbabweans!

It seems we have entered an era where our love and compassion for humanity has been lost not only by our Zimbabwean government but by us the people as well. Poverty has become the new reality for most Zimbabweans, with everyone living for themselves and sometimes at the expense of others. What happened to us? It seems that our love of self interest, money and power far outweigh our love for our fellow human beings. As Zimbabweans we all share the blame for where our country is right now. The government has managed to get away with murder, literally, because most of us have been apathetic in our attitude towards all the heinous acts that the government were and still are perpetrating towards its people.

It’s a crime that people are going to bed hungry and yet Zimbabwe has a lot of wealthy people who have more than their fair share of wealth. What would happen if some of those people gave a portion of their wealth towards feeding the poor, providing free medical treatment, providing free education and educational material to our people….Zimbabwe would start rising from the ashes. The government has failed in its mandate to look after its people and their needs and it’s time we rise up as a people to help ourselves. Personally I am tired of this Zimbabwean government and I feel they should all be replaced as they have failed to do what they were elected to do but instead are using their positions to amass personal wealth at the expense of the people.

If we, as Zimbabweans, all applied our God given talents towards helping those in our country instead of looking for someone else to save us, this would be the first step towards the restoration of our beloved country.  We have people like Vimbaishe Musvaburi who mobilised others and cleaned the toilets in Bulawayo City centre a few weeks ago. We also have a pastor in Dzivarasekwa, whose wife started educating children whose parents could not afford the school fees to send them to school. They are now educating 175 children who would otherwise be sitting at home and not receiving an education. These are just two examples of Zimbabwean people who are doing something and I believe with all my heart that the change in Zimbabwe is not just going to come from a change in government but also a change in the attitude of the Zimbabwean people towards their county. With every small, positive step that we take change will come….so I challenge every Zimbabwean today, what will your small step be?


  1. Nicely written Nikki. Personally I’m against sending money home not because I don’t sympathise with my countrymen but because I know that indirectly we are replenishing the government coffers. What stops the govt from raiding the banks for foreign currency. By supporting our brethren we are indirectly sponsoring that madman


    • I get your point but we cannot stand by and watch whilst people suffer especially when we are in a position to do something about it. There are other ways of helping where you don’t have to send money directly to anyone but can instead send things like stationary, clothes, books and the like. I know a school where that kind of help would be very much appreciated….let me know if you would like further details about that school.


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