The Misrepresentation of Zimbabwe’s Literacy Rate

When Mugabe came into power, he was a hero. He sought to educate the country. He put the education of every man, woman and child as a primary policy for his new government.

But according to the World Bank, the country’s literacy rate is 86.9%. Ranking 11th in Africa. Ahead of us are Seychelles (95.3%), Equatorial Guinea (95.2%), South Africa (94.6%), Sao Tome and Principe (91.7%), Libya (91.4%), Namibia (90.8%), Mauritius (90.6%), Cape Verde (88.5%), Botswana (88.2%), Swaziland (87.5%). The country’s literacy rate is not as high as claimed and there is no data to back these claims.

Mugabe came into power in 1980 and said he would  offer free education to all. His motives were good and the national interests were great motivators. However, as time went on, funds were squandered and education fell in importance.

As Zimbabweans, we are always keen to tell people of our literacy rate and how educated we are. This is one of the things that Mugabe stole from us. by overstaying his welcome at the helm of power, Mugabe took away our proud literacy rate. Now children do not attend school as they cant afford it. Education is not available to all.

With the disappearance of eudcation, the country will falter. Development is also dependant upon human capital. A country is only as developed as the quality of the human capital.


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