Why are we saying NO to President Mugabe and his ruling party ZANU PF

When we say NO to President Mugabe it is because we have seen and experienced what 37 years of selfish leadership can do to the prosperity and well being of a country. It’s unimaginable that a country that boasts so much fertile land has to import grain to feed its people and yet the government continues to take away productive farms from their owners leaving their employees unemployed in an economic climate that already has about a 90% unemployment rate.

Agricultural production is at its lowest since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 and food producers have to import much of what is supplied to the local market. There is low economic activity. Increase in production, which is labour intensive, is needed not only to boost production in the economy but to provide jobs that are desperately needed and yet the government continues to evict the white farmers leaving their employees with no means of livelihood. On the 22nd of June 2017 the government used their authority to evict Robert Smart and his family from their farm in Rusape. There have been other evictions in this area in the past and the farms are now occupied by ZANU PF officials and their supporters. Kudzanayi Chipanga who is the ZANU PF youth leader has occupied at least four of these farms and we wonder why production is low in Zimbabwe. In my eyes these actions by the government are akin to bribes offered to faithful followers which seems to be the government’s instrument of choice when it comes to garnering support before any major elections. Its quite ironic that Zimbabwe used to export grain to Zambia and now the reverse is true. The Zambians have welcomed Zimbabwe’s expelled white farmers with open arms and are now boosting their own production as well as providing Zimbabwe with grain.

We continue to say NO to President Mugabe and his ruling party ZANU PF party because anyone who clings to power and yet they can see that they are destroying the very people that they are leading can only be doing so for selfish reasons. Most of the ministers’ children are based outside of Zimbabwe and those within the country cannot relate to the poverty and degradation that is being experienced by most of the Zimbabwean children. The government has not placed themselves in the shoes of most parents in Zimbabwe who are forced to watched their children starving and some dying of curable diseases because they cannot afford to pay for the medical treatment that they need and watching as their children stay at home because they cannot afford to send them to school. These same parents are being forced to continue voting for ZANU PF….If this is not injustice I don’t know what is!

The Zimbabwean government is treating the country like their own personal possession with no regard as to how their policies are affecting the vast majority of the population. For any Zimbabwean living in Zimbabwe this is the new reality: queueing for hours if not overnight to get your hard earned money from the bank, constant power blackouts, lack of clean drinking water, lack of income to send your children to school, living from hand to mouth, lack of employment and fear of intimidation by the government and its ruling party ZANU PF….why would anyone in their right mind want these same people to continue ruling over them, so this is why we are saying NO to them.


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