President Mugabe and ‘your people’ we see you!

When all those in authority continue to watch as the police brutalises the citizens without any repercussions, this is a clear indication that the government is no longer standing for the greater good of the people.

Over the last week University of Zimbabwe medical students were beaten by the riot police for holding a peaceful demonstration, against an increase of about 35% of tuition fees. Every Zimbabwean has a constitutional right to hold peaceful demonstrations but the government is not allowing anyone to exercise this right as is evidenced by the arrest of Pastor Evan Mawarire who attended this demonstration. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and spent two days in prison before being released on bail. Is it a crime to pray and stand together with the students against this increase?…the government clearly thinks so. This kind of injustice continues to happen because the leadership allows it to continue happening.   Pastor Evan Mawarire and Linda Masarira have had so many charges thrown at them to the point of ridiculousness. It is clear that the government is looking for ways to silence anyone who opposes or stands up against them and will create whatever charges they can to ensure that those who are vocal in their opposition are kept in a legal quagmire. Shame on you President Mugabe for allowing these injustices to continue happening.

It amazes me that the government has the time and money to spend targeting activists and yet they overlook the real criminals in government who have robbed the economy blind. Millions of dollars went missing from the diamonds mined in Marange and nothing has been done about that. How can millions of dollars disappear without anyone knowing what happened to the money and without anyone being brought to account for this disappearance? This is one of the incidents that highlights that the government is petty and rotten to the core. People are suffering in the country with barely enough food to eat but the government prioritises chasing after people who are advocating for a better Zimbabwe instead of the criminals in government who have stolen millions of dollars.

Given that things are continuing to deteriorate in Zimbabwe this current government cannot be allowed to continue to rule as they have proved that they are not concerned about their people. We have our very own Hitler in Zimbabwe and unlike Hitler, President Mugabe and his party are persecuting and killing the Zimbabwean people. We as Zimbabweans are a resilient people and just as we fought in the Chimurenga war to gain independence and prevailed we will now fight against this new breed of monster and in the end we will once gain prevail…the government can threaten and try to intimidate us but they cannot silence us.

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