Torture under the Mugabe Regime

When one tenaciously clings to power to the extent that he sanctions torture and brutality against any opponents to his regime, that is the height of evil and his name is President Robert Mugabe.

Fanuel Kaseke a 23 year old student at the University of Zimbabwe was abducted on Thursday the 29th of June and held against his will for four days, all because he chose to stand up and address how the government is failing its people.Whilst in captivity he was tortured and questioned about his political activities and who his associates were. This brave young man now has to overcome emotional trauma all because President Mugabe cannot acknowledge the fact that ‘we’ as the Zimbabwean people don’t want him in power anymore.

This is not the first time that President Mugabe’s government have targeted people who oppose him and have subjected them to brutality and torture. Patson Dzamara a prominent activist was abducted and beaten in 2016 and had to be hospitalised after his captors released him due to the seriousness of his injuries. Sylvanos Mudzvova a prominent activist was also abducted and tortured in September 2016, he also had to be hospitalised and now has a life altering injury as a result of the brutality that he was subjected to. Itai Dzamara also a prominent activist was abducted in March 2015 and has not been heard from since. I cannot imagine the pain that all those who have been tortured and beaten have endured as they fought not only for themselves but for every Zimbabwean, so that we can have a better Zimbabwean….to you brave people I salute you.

It’s a mockery that whilst other young men are putting their lives at risk by standing up and fighting for a better Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s own son’s aged 20 and 27 are spending ridiculous amounts of money carousing and getting into drunken fights. Whilst the President and his wife have indulged their children with every whim they are like the bully in the playground who target other people’s children. The bully might be stronger but we will not cower and we will not stop fighting…one day we will topple you to the ground.

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