Grace Mugabe a tyrant in her own right!

In our Zimbabwean local dialect we say, ‘Imba mukadzi’ which when translated means that ‘the home is a woman’. As first lady Grace is that woman that we as a country should be looking to as a mother figure but she has failed in that duty by abusing the power of her position by brow beating the poor out of their homes, manipulating her way to get ahead and by ignoring her duty of care towards the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Despite already owning hectares of land that she took from the white farmers she has continued to displace vulnerable families in the bid to own more land and to increase her wealth. This year the residents of Arnold Farm in Mazowe found themselves homeless all because Grace Mugabe wanted that farm. Even though there was a court order saying that these evictions were unlawful, Grace proved that she is above the law and still had these families removed from that farm, with no consequences against her, from the government for such action. Are these the actions of someone who cares for her people?. She built a high school on what used to be the Mazowe Citrus Estate, that she claimed was for the poor and orphaned children and yet charges a staggering US$3500 per term. Most people in Zimbabwe can hardly afford to feed themselves let alone pay such amounts to cover for school fees. In displacing families for her own gain not only has she shown herself to be selfish but also greedy.

Grace Mugabe is well known for her political manoeuvring and public tirades against people who she deems to be against her and President Robert Mugabe. At one of the political rallies some years ago whilst Joice Mujuru was still Vice President and a favourite to take over as President upon Mugabe’s death, she accused her of plotting to assassinate President Mugabe. She then used her influence to convince her husband to expel Joice Mujuru and her supporters from the ZANU PF party and this resulted in Joice Mujuru losing her post as Vice President.  She is also linked to the G40 faction that is said to be opposed to the current Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding President Mugabe. To my way of thinking it seems like she is trying to push aside anyone other than herself who could become President after Robert Mugabe’s death.

Grace Mugabe has definitely shown aspirations that she wants to become Zimbabwe’s next president as she was quoted at a rally outside of Harare in 2014 as saying, ‘They say I want to be President, why not? Am I not Zimbabwean?’ That’s a very scary thought! Under her leadership as first lady there has been nothing but destruction and I shudder to think what our beautiful Zimbabwe would look like under her full leadership. Some people are born to lead and others are followers….Grace is definitely a follower!

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