Grace Mugabe the bully

Grace Mugabe was once quoted saying, ”As head of women’s league Zimbabwe, my number one goal is to endeavour that no woman ever suffers from assault or violence of any kind and those who use violence against women shall face the full power of the law.” In light of her attack on Sunday on a 20 year old defenceless woman this definitely indicates that she did not mean her words to apply to herself. The world is only now seeing the real Grace Mugabe that we the Zimbabwean people have always known.

The beating of Gabriella Engels by Grace Mugabe, whilst Grace’s security forces stood by and watched, is a mirror image of what the Zimbabwean citizens are facing on a daily basis at the hands of those in government whilst those who are charged with protecting the citizens stand by and watch and in some instances take part in the abuse of people. Unlike other abuse incidents that have happened in Zimbabwe and have been suppressed by the government, Sunday’s incident must have been a rude awakening to Grace, as she could not intimidate the young lady into not saying anything and also she could not control the narrative on how the information on the incident was disseminated. I as a Zimbabwean am sickened by the level of abuse against women in Zimbabwe. Women are being threatened, beaten and raped whilst those in authority stand by and watch. If those in authority cannot protect the citizens and are themselves the perpetrators of these heinous acts, then where can people turn to for help?

My prayer is that the incident in South Africa will also highlight the human rights abuses that have been perpetrated by Grace Mugabe and the Zimbabwean government. Now that the spotlight is on her my hope is that her day of reckoning is here and she will now, ‘face the full power of the law.’

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