Is the upgraded Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill another suppression tool by the ZANU PF led Zimbabwean government?

I don’t support cyber bullying and intimidation but I wonder at the timing of this upgraded bill. I am not belittling the need to protect people from this horrific crime but in light of the grave problems that Zimbabwe is currently facing I wouldn’t have thought this particular crime in Zimbabwe would rank highest among all the problems that Zimbabwe currently has.

In the past year the Zimbabwean government has threatened people using social media to spread protest information with fines of $200 or imprisonment for 6 months and now that we are heading towards the 2018 elections they have upped the antics by increasing the fine up to a couple of thousand dollars and imprisonment of up to 10 years. Maybe I am being cynical but the government has a history of suppressing individuals from speaking out against them. In my mind I see this just as another ploy to intimidate and instil fear in anyone who stands up against them. Section IV of this amended bill is vague enough that anyone who speaks out against the government could be found guilty.

In a country where women are being raped and people robbed in broad daylight without the perpetrators being brought to justice the Zimbabwean government is willing to spend money to have people whom they deem to have broken this Cyber Law to be extradited to face persecution. Clearly their priorities are not right. They cannot solve the problems of unemployment, money shortages, lack of proper education and health facilities and yet cyber crime is a priority for them…this is ridiculous to say the least.

I want to see a change in Zimbabwe and this bill is one of the risks that I am willing to take to continue highlighting the human rights violations that are being perpetrated by the Zimbabwean government….I refuse to be suppressed!

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