Zimbabwe’s Leaders….what a mess!

Accusations of poisoning, public dress downs and twitter spats…this is the order of the day among the people who hold positions of authority in our government.

The Zimbabwean economy is ailing and instead of our leadership doing something to address the many economic issues that Zimbabwe is currently facing in order to lift it out of the doldrums, their only concern seems to be who will take over from President Mugabe. These public spats have further served to decrease our confidence in the leadership of the country.

At least 85% of the population are currently unemployed and this is largely due to the government’s poor economic decision making. People have resorted to being street vendors as a means of sustaining themselves and their families. President Mugabe without taking any regard for these people has decided to take this livelihood away from the vendors by banning them from selling their wares in the city centre. How are these people supposed to survive?

Zimbabwe is now no different to any of the countries that we know that were and are still run by dictators in that anyone who questions authority will be punished. Sten Zvorwadza experienced this when he voiced his opinion by standing up for the vendors and was arrested and detained for two days. All these moves by the government further reinforces what we already know that those in leadership are out of touch with what the common man is experiencing…how can they if the President’s wife can buy herself a Rolls Royce worth about US$444 000 and her son and his partner can import 7 luxurious cars worth about US$2.5 million. This is like a slap to the face for every hard working Zimbabwean who is battling to make ends meet and is being told that the government has their best interests at heart…from where I stand it definitely doesn’t look like it!

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