Typhoid prevention or an investment in garnering election votes…a no brainer for the Zimbabwean government!

The state of the country’s health system has deteriorated to such a point that there is now a typhoid epidemic in the Mbare area of Harare. This has resulted from the fact that there is poor sanitation and inadequate clean drinking water in the area. Other infectious diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea are also rampant in the area.

Given the seriousness of these health issues I cannot understand why the government would prioritise spending an estimated $US6 million buying 226 vehicles for the traditional leaders. According to the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Savior Kasukuwere, these vehicles will make it easier for the traditional leaders to travel to their areas of jurisdiction….really? This amount could have been used to resolve the sanitation problems and to provide clean drinking water in the area, and also to stock up the hospitals and clinics with the much needed medical supplies, but the government clearly thought getting these vehicles was a priority for them.

When is the government going to prioritise the needs of their people instead of looking to their own interests of garnering support in the forth coming elections? When being in public office is motivated by self interest that is a clear indication that that person is no longer qualified to be in office. I believe that we need a complete overhaul of the current Zimbabwean government and start afresh to rebuild Zimbabwe with people who have the country’s best interests at heart and who have the wisdom to step aside when their time in office is up…

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