Double standards by Zimbabwean government….what hypocrites!

Yesterday Emerson Mnangangwa was the golden boy of ZANU PF and Vice President of Zimbabwe but today he is a fugitive, linked to a local terrorist group and is being investigated on four counts of murder.

What puzzles me is that some of the crimes that he is being accused of having committed occurred years ago and yet no one in government did anything to bring charges against him. Surely this information of his many crimes did not miraculously come to light after his being fired from government? This brings to question how President Robert Mugabe leads his government. His recent actions seem to suggest that it’s acceptable for someone to commit heinous crimes against the citizenry of Zimbabwe and still hold powerful positions in government as long as it suits the leadership. My question is…if a person who was chosen to be Vice President by Robert Mugabe himself and yet had a dossier which included at least four murders but was found worthy of the position…how many others in this current Zimbabwean government are criminals but are under the protection of the President as a result of their loyalty to him?

As long as the Zimbabwean government continues to appoint criminals and murderers to positions of power and harbour them against prosecution…Zimbabwe will sadly not be the beautiful, thriving and safe country that we once knew and loved.

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