To have Emmerson Mnangagwa in power or not…that is the question!

If Emmerson Mnangagwa orchestrated the coup d’état I applaud him for that, however I do not excuse the part that he played in bringing Zimbabwe to its current state of economic chaos and instability.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was complicit in the suffering of Zimbabwean citizens by not standing up to fight against the human rights violations that have prevailed under the rule of President Mugabe’s government. When hundreds of people were made homeless by Grace Mugabe after their unlawful eviction from Arnold farm he did not voice his concern, when activists were brutalised, tortured and some even murdered, he was silent, when hundreds of women were raped as a result of their affiliation to parties other than ZANU PF, he never got them any justice and when US$15billion of diamond revenue went missing, he was part of the band of robbers who caused the money to disappear into thin air…why is he now all of a sudden our beloved father Ed.

We should not be disillusioned by this new face of Mnangagwa. Some are hailing him as the hero in this story and yet he was one of the people who caused the chaos. As President Mugabe’s right hand man all this chaos happened during his watch. If this man is allowed to lead the country then we cannot expect anything different to what we have already experienced over these past 37 years. The current prevailing government is rotten to the core and if we are to have any positive change, development and growth in the country we need to have a complete overhaul of the government and start afresh with new people.

May I remind everyone that this is the same Emmerson Mnangagwa who was accused of murder and terrorism affiliation only a few weeks ago…even after this coup d’état, he is still that same Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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