A huge payout and Immunity against prosecution for the Mugabes…a slap on the faces of the Zimbabwean people

Mugabe’s leadership left Zimbabwe crippled with debt and the vast majority of the population living in abject poverty and yet he is being rewarded for his shoddy work. The Zimbabwean government is failing to provide essentials like medication in the hospitals and yet they can afford to pay Mugabe a staggering $10m….seriously? This is the kind of culture that allows those in government to get away with murder because we are not holding them to account for all the wrongs that they have committed but are instead paying them for their disservice.

For years Mugabe and his government committed crimes against the Zimbabwean people and for immunity to be included in his resignation deal, this indicates that he was well aware that his actions against the Zimbabwean people were wrong. This is the second time this year that Grace Mugabe has been granted immunity against prosecution and this is sending a clear message to people like the Mugabes that they are above the law. There are families who have lost children, siblings, mothers and fathers at the hands of the Zimbabwean government and the message that is being sent to them is that their loved ones don’t matter. Why do we as the Zimbabwean people stand by and watch whilst these things happen and yet hope for a better Zimbabwe?

For any real change to be effected in our beloved country, all those in Government and those in places of influence who have in the past been protected against prosecution have to be brought to account. We cannot cherry pick between those we deem to be ‘bad’ criminals and have them prosecuted whilst leaving the ‘good’ criminals to roam free…a criminal is a criminal and must be brought to justice.

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