Mugabe might not still be in power but his intimidation tactics are very much alive under President Mnangagwa

In his address to Parliament over the fiscal budget for 2018, Patrick Chinamasa, who is the Minister of Finance said, ‘ As we focus on recovery of our economy we must shed misbehaviours and acts of indiscipline which have characterised the past.’ In his budget with regards to the purchase of vehicles for the village chiefs he also indicated that this was not a critical capital expenditure and that the government could not sustain such demands if they were to achieve the objectives towards a new economic order. It is therefore very surprising that in one of his first acts in power President Mnangagwa authorised the purchase of 226 vehicles for the village chiefs…why was it a priority for these chiefs to have these cars?

Mnangagwa and his government have been singing the free and fair elections song ever since he placed himself in power but the reality is that this government has no intentions of these elections being free and fair as is evidenced by the intimidation tactics that the traditional chiefs are exercising towards their constituents. Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) voter educators in Gutu district have revealed that former Chief Serima now the Gutu West Zanu PF chairman for ward 5, Martin Nhamoinesu and John Paradzai , the aspiring Member of Parliament for Gutu West constituency declared during a rice distribution meeting that anyone from the opposition parties would not receive aid from the government…really? It appears as if the ‘bribery’ in the form of cars have worked wonders in motivating these traditional chiefs to campaign for Zanu PF.

Emmerson Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech spoke about being the president to all citizens of Zimbabwe but I guess what he meant was that he was the president to only those who are aligned with ZANU PF. So much for a new day dawning in Zimbabwe under the leadership of Mnangagwa..

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