Is this the better Zimbabwe that you promised ED?

People celebrated you when you seized power from Robert Mugabe. We all held our breath and hoped that this was the dawning of a better Zimbabwe that we had all been praying for…a 100 days on and we are sadly realising that not much has changed, at least not for the common man.

 In your inauguration speech you said that all citizens must feel secure but how can citizens feel secure when the police are free to shoot and kill innocent unarmed civilians. I can’t understand how a ban on commuters was lifted but the people who were enforcing that ban were not aware of this new development. This shows a great level of incompetence in both the management and the training of the police and the Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga has to be held accountable for his officers’ incompetence.  It has been over a week since the shootings but there have been no arrests other than an apology to the families who lost their loved ones. That apology means nothing if there is no justice.
This is not the Zimbabwe that we want Ed, where people who are fending for themselves trying to feed their families are killed in what the Police Commissioner described as a ‘very unfortunate and regrettable incident…..this could have been avoided and we demand justice!!!

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