ED’s promises don’t mean a thing

As the weeks slowly tick by more and more Zimbabweans are becoming disillusioned by Emmerson Mnangagwa and his promise of ‘the culture of government changing and changing now’. To the common people on the ground nothing has fundamentally changed between how Robert Mugabe was running the country to how Ed is now running things. The same problems of unemployment, cash shortages, a severe lack of drugs in hospitals and a lack of an end to the corruption in government still permeate.

Time and time again our Zimbabwean leaders have failed us. They have made promises but have failed to deliver on those promises and yet they expect to remain in power indefinitely. In releasing the list for all the people who externalised funds from Zimbabwe there was a glaring omission of some of Ed’s buddies like Obert Mpofu from that list. It looks like corruption is still very much alive in this ‘new government.’

It’s been 25 days since the doctors started striking and yet the government has not prioritised resolving their grievances in order to get them back to work. People are dying in the government run hospitals and the only ones affected are the common man who cannot afford to go to the private hospitals or fly out of Zimbabwe for medical treatment. Ed and his government ministers are not affected by the strike because they and their loved ones have the money to receive medical care elsewhere….To everyone looking at the current situation in Zimbabwe without the benefit of rose tinted glasses there is nothing new about this current government from that which Robert Mugabe ran except the face of the person now running the show

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