‘NO’ to showing partiality when it comes to upholding the law

It has been 97 days since Zepheniah Nhamo, Annatoria Kaseke and her unborn child and were shot and killed by a member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. To date the perpetrator is still free to roam the streets and justice has not yet been served despite the dozens of witnesses who saw the policeman pulling the trigger. The Deputy Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe abused his authority and defamed his public office by violating another persons privacy in disclosing that they took ARVs thereby implying that they had the HIV virus. Despite this gross violation, Mr Mukupe is still holding his post in office.

John Mahlaberi posted a comment about his political opinion on his private twitter account but has been accused by his employer, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, of showing loyalty to Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the opposition party and disloyalty to President Mnangagwa and is therefore being disciplined. I find it unbelievable that Mr Mahlaberi is being disciplined and yet a murderer and wayward Minister are not being held accountable for their actions.

Since his inauguration President Mnangwagwa has preached endlessly about how his government is a new dispensation and how they are doing things differently. With all these gross violations on Zimbabwean citizens occurring right under his nose, his inaction to stop these things makes him complicit in these abuses. Its time President Mnangagwa started walking the talk because with every inaction his government is looking more and more like the government that President Mugabe ran…the only difference right now is the captain at the realm of the ship.

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