Film Wednesday: Shallow Grave



Inspired by real events, Shallow Grave is a story about Kupa’s fight for freedom, recognition and acceptance… Impregnated by Rex before she could write her O’Level exams, Kupa is forced into marriage early. Her family rejects her for having eloped and had a baby at a young age, Rex having not paid any bride price. Kupa is abused in her marriage with Rex who feels that the baby she says is his is a demon imposed on him… All her troubles seem to point to the baby. How will Kupa survivor with her baby alive? Is there life for her beyond the shallow grave?

Written by Amandah Taruvinga; Script Supervisor Thelma Machinga; Production Manager Lisa Gutu; Art Director Nigel Zenda; Editor Lucy Chitukurudzi; Executive Producers Hweva “DJ DollarBill” Mvura & Tinashe Tandayi; Produced and Directed by Innocent G. Mwapangira, with music from Kudah Runnit (RunnIt Music), Saba Magacha (Saba Music) and TNT/Natural D (DreamStation Studios)

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