The Mugabe Mausoleum: My Thoughts

So apparently Zimbabwe government will be building a mausoleum at the National Heroes Acre. This, they claim is a move to “honour” Mr Mugabe. After the monument is complete, Mr Mugabe will then be laid to rest.

My thoughts?

Let us not forget who this human being was.

Mr Mugabe has stolen lives, stolen futures, stolen from generations of Zimbabweans. He was corrupt, a murderer, a philanderer, an incompetent leader that stole our democracy from us.

Our nation had a promising future and instead under his 37 years in power; we were reduced to refugees, paupers and beggars in foreign lands. He watched over a tribal genocide and killed over 20,000 of our Ndebele people. He rigged our general elections and reduced us to a de-facto one party state.

As if murdering us and stealing our democracy y wasn’t enough for this gluttonous fiend. Him and his cronies schemed the cream off our nation’s wealth as they reduced us to paupers. Look at that Blue Roof Estate in Harare. How does a president amass enough money to build such a palatial homestead? By stealing from the nation of course.

You see the likes of Patrick Zhuwao or Saviour Kasukuwere appearing on foreign TV and speaking of how they are hunted down by the Lacoste faction. We have no pity for you G40 bigwigs. You are the people that sat at the seat of power and filled your bellies on the riches of our nation. Now you want us to feel sorry for you as you languish across the borders?


What’s worse, they cry that Mugabe had to die in Singapore!? He was running away from the health sector he let collapse. Our country’ basic services were and are virtually non-existent for the common man. But this does not affect the big wigs, they like Mugabe get on their private jets and become health tourists because they can afford it. The money paying for these services comes from the riches they stole from us the people.

Mugabe used to go to Singapore for all his health care needs at the cost of US$3 million @ trip, according to 2012 Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti. That year he made no few than 24 trips. Mugabe spent the last five months is a hospital in Singapore. All this at public expense.
Mugabe was a corrupt and ruthless dictator who caused untold human suffering and deaths. He was not a hero, for Pete’s sake! So, what is all this nonsense of the nation honouring a corrupt and murderous dictator, building a mausoleum to preserve his remains!
Yes, Robert Mugabe fought in the liberation war that ended white colonial exploitation and oppression of the blacks but it was not to set the downtrodden free. It was for the sole purpose of him and his fellow Zanu PF thugs becoming the next oppressors and masters.
The country’s dictator of the first 37 years is dead but the dictatorship he helped to create is alive and thriving and its greed for power, wealth and glory is insatiable. The country’s survival is now on the line, the economic meltdown and political paralysis have pushed the nation right up to the very edge of the abyss. Zimbabwe needs liberating from the Zanu PF dictatorship before it is too late; before the country slides beyond the point of no return to become another Libya or Syria!

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