The Elite run away from the healthcare that they destroyed

“It’s embarrassing and selfish for political elites to destroy our public hospitals then seek health care abroad, destroy our airlines then hire private jets for themselves, destroy our farms then import grain,” you said.

“The standoff between Zanu’s G40 and Lacoste factions is a red herring. The real issue is that Zanu PF in whatever form is happy to use public funds to live lavishly while people’s lives deteriorate. Sad to see public funds used for all this largesse while people are hungry and poor.”

Poor Fadzayi, ever since you made you bid to join Zimbabwe’s ruling elite and failed you have been bitter. You are furious to see all the public funds used pay for the ruling elite’s health care needs, largesse, imported cars, generous salaries and allowances, palatial mansions, etc., etc. whilst you still have to make do with your meagre lawyer’s wage and all the daily trials and tribulation that comes with being counted together with the ordinary people. You do not care about the masses never did.

If you really cared about the masses, then you would have listened to the warning against participating in last year’s elections when it was clear Zanu PF was going to rig the elections. ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters’ roll; for Pete’s sake.

You and the whole brigade of other opposition candidates were warned participating in the flawed and illegal elections would give Zanu PF some modicum of credibility. You all knew that Zanu PF was going to give away a few gravy-train seats and these were what you were after. You did not care that you were giving Zanu PF the smoke screen to rig the elections and extend its corrupt and tyrannical rule.

“The standoff between Zanu’s G40 and Lacoste factions is a red herring!” The relationship between Zanu PF and MDC is even closer than many would care to admit which explains why the later never implemented even one reform during the last GNU. MDC not only provided Zanu PF with the modicum of credibility for rigged elections, the party is offering Mnangagwa full “legitimacy” in return for cabinet positions.

If Fadzai Mahere had won the Mount Pleasant MP seat last year, she would have loved being seen sitting together with Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala and Nelson Chamisa in the Blue Roof! She is complaining of the ruling elite wasting a fortune of largesse whilst the poor starve but only to win the people’s vote. Last year, in her haste to join the ruling elite, she did not even have the common sense to demand a verified voters’ roll!

Written by Zimbabwean Social Democrats

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