Machete Gangs: Mliswa fingers Dexter Nduna (Chegutu West MP ) as power behind Machete gangs

Temba Mliswa (MP for Norton) has fingered Dexter Nduna (MP for Chegutu West) as the key figure in the Machete gangs (Mashurugwi) in Zimbabwe. This violent gang has been involved with several violent activities and murders in the country.

Mliswa made the allegations on Twitter after a 27-year-old Police Constable Wonder Hokoyo was murdered by the Machete gang.

Hokoyo was deployed at Good Hope Mine Brompton Battlefields in the company of Constable Kamhuka, Constable Gurajena, Constable Tapgumaneyi and Constable Mwenje with FN rifles to control the mobs there. Hokoyo was attacked from behind and was hacked to death by Team Barca of the Machete Gang. Hokoyo was found 100m from the mine shafts.

The ruling ZANU PF in the area are said to have accomodated the illegal miners and this recent crackdown had caused tensions to rise as politicinas such as Mr Nduna are benefiting from the illegal mining and fostering these gangs to protect their interests. Junior police officers in the areas are afraid of being involved in any crackdowns as they know prominent ZANU PF poloiticians are involved.

Gang members may be arrested and then immediately released as prominent politicians such as Nduna protect their gangs leaving police officers and the general public that do not support these politicians to be vulnerable from attacks.


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