Kembo Mohadi is an example of ZanuPf’s exploitation of women

Vice President Kembo Mohadi is alleged to be abusing his power, office and authority to solicit sexual favours from his subordinates as well as from other powerless women in society. The VP’s behaviour is not unique to him but this is the behaviour that is inherent to ZanuPF members and its boots on the ground. Women are seen as a means to an end. We are nothing more than mannequins that must accept the attentions of Zanu PF or rue the day we said no.

Kembo has also been sexually abusing married women which is a taboo in respect of African traditional norms and values. Sexual exploitation of women and girls also violates international human rights instruments that Zimbabwe has signed and ratified. He has no respect for our cultures nor for acepted behaviour in our society. He is above the law. He is above the law of the land, He is above our traditions and He is above our cultures. The female form is there to satisfy his need and nothing more.

Next he will allege that he is a victim of some political conspiracy but we all know that the game of politics is Zanu PF. They are cutthroat not only to opponents but to members.

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