Attending a demonstration in Zimbabwe will have you detained and persecuted: The Case of Makomborero Haruzivishe

Human rights activists such as Makomborero Haruzivishe, Cecilia Chinembiri, Netsai Marova, Obey Sithole and many more are arrested in Zimbabwe for participating in demonstrations in Harare. Authorities arrested them under the charge of attending a demonstration that was intended to incite public violence and violate national Covid-19 regulations.

Makomborero is accused of failing to appear before the court since mid-2020. Makomborero was initially arrested on allegations of forcing his way together with others, into Impala Motor Spares and detaining employees, whom they accused of causing the arrest of their colleague Takudzwa Ngadziore last year.

He is charged with kidnapping, participating in a gathering with intent to commit public violence, and of breaching peace.

All these charges are a means to initimidate by the State. But we refuse to be silenced. Their machinations, manipulations of the judiciary, their threats of violence and abductions will not silence us.

Watch an interview that Makomborero gave back in July 2020.


  1. They deserve it. These individuals are causing unrest in our country. They lie in front of the cameras to gain some traction for their own agenda. Just like you Karen!


  2. You are doing good work Karen. Spread the word. These youths are being persecuted by the government. It is us that need to rise up and make a change


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