Opinion: Passion Java Billboards

Note from Karen:

So you understand the context of this piece, watch the video from Passion Java on Facebook about the controversial billboards


Hanzi ngenyi muchiramba…ngenyi muchi size

Prophet Java who is known for his insatiable love for the elegant Gucci clothing line took to social media to defend his penchant of erecting billboards with ‘pointless ‘ slogans and with what some will call attention seeking marketing stunts.

This is the same man that was in a silent cold war with the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and erected 20 billboards at US$2000 each last year in response to Ginimbi buying a brand new Lamborghini Aventador.

Personally, I think Java has a right to do what he wants with his wealth. Regardless of how he came by this wealth, it is his and he can spend it as he pleases. I may not agree with the way he spends it but frankly he has earned it.

Now, some citizens have been very vocal with their disdain and disappointment with wealthy Zimbabweans such as Passion Java. Some believe that these individuals should use thwir wealth to fix the country. Use their wealth to fix the roads, hospitals, schools etc

I dont agree. These jobs are the role of the state. The state should fix our roads, upgrade our hospitals, ensure schools remain open, civil servants are paid and country infrastructure is repaired and upgraded. Putting this burden on the shoulders of individuals is unfair and short sighted. Even if Java was to take the US$140,000 he will likely spend to have his billboards up for a month and use that to fix the country’s roads; this is a short term solution.

As Zimbabweans we are avoiding the real issue. The issue isnt that the rich are helping the poor and fixing the country. But rather that the government keeps failing the people, squandering public funds with selfish, self serving spending. Instead of upgrading Parirenyatwa Hospital, the government is buying cars for the politburo. Instead of using tollgate monies to fix the roads, the government is misappropriating funds.

As citizens, instead of directing our ire at Java, lets direct it at our government. The way we are very observant over Java’s use of his monies, is the way we should be demanding accountability from our government. How many Zimbabweans know that on 1 December 2020, a court in the country ruled that the government should be transparent to the citizens about the use of public funds, the amount of debt the country has and to whom. As well as the collateral used to secure loans. This is the real can of worms.

As Zimbabweans, lets stop wasting our energy on individuals like Java but look àt the government. Lets start asking where are the proceeds of platinum production, diamond and gold mining going? Why are we as a people not seeing any improvement in public services and imfrastructure. These are the real questions. Not what Java is doing with his personal wealth.

Refer to my post on 24 December:



  1. Seriously Karen?
    Now you are attacking the people for demanding the rich to fix our country?
    Are you not Zimbabwean?
    As a Zimbabwean we should use the moniker ‘dont ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’
    Iwe uri kuchando ikoko urikuiitei except to make noise on the internet?
    Mapenzi evanhu that’s why muchizo disappear when you come home. You are not fit to be called a Zimbabwean with this trash you write!
    Futsek wako


    • I think you misunderstood my piece. I am saying that as a people we can not demand that Passion fixes the national infrastructure without first holding the government accountable. Hold government accountable. it is their job. ask yourselves where is our money going? where are the platinum reserves, national loans that they are constantly announcing? even the money collected from tolls…. where is it all going. Hold government accountable first.


  2. Idya mari yako Passion.
    What is the government’s job if not to fix the nation’s infrastructure.
    Good piece Karen!


  3. I totally, whole heartedly disagree.
    Passion should respect those that you jump over to go up the mountain because on your way down they may lift you up.
    Money is a visitor. Passion should help his motherland.
    All these billboards are attention seeking.
    Dzikama Passion


  4. Come on guys lets be serious. i like passion but this behaviour of his is not right.
    He should respect us. He can’t joke around about roads in Zimbabwe like that video of his. People have lost their lives including our beloved Ginimbi.


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