Opinion: Joana Mamombe seized from hospital and returned to prison

On Thursday 22 April, MP Mamombe, who is a Member of the main opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance, was rushed to hospital from prison after complaining of serious illness. The following day, against a doctor’s advice that she remain under medical care at Parktown Hospital, prison officials forced her to leave by prison officials who returned her to prison. A video shared widely on social media shows an ailing and frustrated Mamombe, stating that she was in pain and would not leave the hospital as she just received injections

The video is brutal to watch. The persecution of the Zimbabwean government and its structures is never-ending. How is it possible that there was no uproar from every corner

“It’s heartless, cruel and not necessary. What is happening is diabolic and uncalled for; it is clear that [the governing] Zanu-PF [party] is the one that is giving instructions to the security officers, it is clear that Zanu-PF is abusing state institutions,” said MDC A’s National Deputy Spokesperson Clifford Hlatshwayo.

Whilst the persecution of youth and women is ongoing, the government presents a face to the international community of advocating for the rights of women and the empowerment of youth. What is happening is the murder of the hopes and dreams of thousands of Zimbabweans. These barbaric actions are used as tools of prevention. The word will go out to all in opposition of the government. If you do not toe the line then you shall be treated as sub-human. ZANU PF will kill you slowly and painfully.

I have never wanted to give voice to unfounded conspiracy theories but the treatment of Joana calls to mind the persecution of activists like Silvanos Mudzvova and many others who were injected with unknown substances. In August we saw the Honourable Job Sikhala being threatened by a prison boss that they would inject him with poison. Is this the poison that could have been injected in Joana. I would not put it past them. ZANU PF is notorious and has a history of eliminating opponents by administering a harmful toxin to the body.

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