About Us

‘A right delayed is a right denied’

Martin Luther King

Karen – Founder and Senior Editor

Karen is a young Zimbabwean living in the United Kingdom. She started this blog with the vision that it would become a channel for the youth of the country to have a free voice. Giving the youth the voice to speak out against the oppression of the ZANU PF regime in Zimbabwe


Nontokozo is a human rights defender and politician. Having resided in the United Kingdom for almost 20 years, she considers herself lucky to be able to speak freely. She endeavours to give voice to the voiceless and speak the truth regardless of the circumstances and consequences.


Human Rights Activist. I Stand Up whenever I see Human Rights violations and abuses. I speak not only for myself but also for the voiceless who are suffering in silence. l am based in a country where I am free to speak up my mind without any victimisation

Nikki – AUTHOR

I want to see a better Zimbabwe where there is no hunger and there is clean water to drink, where everyone who is willing and able to work is employed, where children feel safe and are able to receive a good education and where there is freedom of expression without fear of reprisal and brutality from the Zimbabwean government

To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.

Nelson Mandela