Meet Karen

I used to be a typical Zimbabwean. I was apolitical. No party affiliations. No party card. No party membership. In March 2013, my eyes were opened. The situation in Zimbabwe is not normal! The time for true change had arrived. People like myself were the true traitors of our country. Those of us who had kept silent and on the sidelines of this new struggle.

We are a people oppressed and subjugated to live our lives in constant fear of that knock on you door or that particular police stop in the streets. We can no longer remain voiceless and silent! So here is a voice. A voice of reason. A voice to educate. A voice to shout from the roof! No longer shall our youth have wool pulled over their eyes. Its time to remove the smoke screen.

Now is our time resilient people of Zimbabwe. You have proved your mettle and now its time to take back our basic human rights.

The right to move freely, the right to speak freely, the right to gather in peace and the right to have your vote truly count. All roads lead to 2018. To a free and fair election.




  1. Hi Karen, heard your interview on BBC World Service this morning. Good to see young people standing up and making their voices heard under whatever means possible


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