Film Wednesday

Zimbabwe is a country full of artistic talent that is well renowned. Film can be used to both entertain and inform. Many of our youth are unaware of the talent that we have in Zimbabwe nor of the wealth of movies, short films and documentaries based on the country.

With the Economic Collapse, this industry has suffered many losses, one of which is the migration of our talent. Some actors and actresses we all well know:

-Danai Gurira (from Walking Dead) based in the USA

-Tongayi Chirisa (from Mr Bones 2 and the  Jim Gaffigan Show)based in the USA

– Chipo Chung (from Sunshine and in the Loop) based in the UK.

-Alois Moyo (from The Power of One, Iron Sky and Rush) based in Germany

– Silvanos Mudzvova a well known Zimbabwean playwright, director, film maker, street artist and activist who is lecturing at the University of Manchester UK. 

In honor of Orange Wednesday, Zimbabwe Monitor we have Film Wednesday.

Let us embark on this journey together.

**unfortunately, some of the movies have part 1 and no part 2. I do apologize in advance**