Meet Shelton

Have always said my mind where ever l was until l realise that my youth and future has been stolen by the government. When you open your eyes to something you have been clouded with and realised you are still in the dark where the light is seemingly impossible the only thing you do is be a voice.

I grow up being imparted with wrong definitions of some political words which made is follow the wrong society or remain passive. Democracy and Patriotism. The later being something we were taught is being loyal to a government which is said to ha e fought for our freedom. Which is very wrong and criminal.

This is why lm here,And let me make it crystal clear to those presiding me that lm not fighting individuals like Mugabe but lm fighting the system he is part of. This system which has made 90% of us unemployed and which has made him defend comrades sitting next to him make corruption a norm. And lastly a system that has made a country with an existing constitution became lawless and gave unprecedented power to ZANU pf Party members to rule over the majority.

Will fight for Human Rights now.

I’m Shelton Gwinyai Mhlanga. Teacher and was Studying Psychology. Human Rights Activist and will not stop until we can have freedom after speech in our own country.