Missing In Action

Missing in action will look at the political activists who are abducted over the years. In some cases, the abductors have never been identified but suspected to be state security agents. In others, it turned out it was them after the abductee was revealed to be in state security agents’ custody.

The people’s brave actions go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Zimbabwe Monitor will seek to rectify this.

Below is a list compiled by Pindula

source: Political Abductions and Forced Disappearances in Zimbabwe – Pindula


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Dr Peter Magombeyi14 December 2019HarareDumped In Nyabira after 5 days (located evening of 19 Sep)Doctors’ Trade Unionist
Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti)21 August 2019HarareStripped, assaulted & dumped in CrowboroughComedienne
Trust Chaputika & Wife20 August 2019BulawayoAssaulted & dumped same nightMDC Member
Tinashe Kambarami17 August 2019BulawayoAssaulted & dumped along Matopos roadMDC Councillor
Tatenda Mombeyarara14 August 2019Severely tortured and dumpedHuman rights activist
Sibanda18 August 2019BulawayoAssauklted and dumped at a cemeteryFather of MDC Bulawayo Youth Leader, Pashor Sibanda
Cosmas Mashwa14 August 2019EpworthUnknownMDC chair of ward 4 in Epworth
Blessing Kanotunga14 August 2019Assaulted and dumpedMDC Youth Chairperson for Mufakose
Obert Masaraure5 June 2019Home (Waterfalls, Harare)Stripped, assaulted and dumped in Seke areaPresident of Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)
Prince Paradzabetween 1 and 5 June 2019Gokwe CentralUnknownMDC Activist
Edify Vushomabetween 1 and 5 June 2019Gokwe CentralUnknownMDC Activist
Robert Saunyama19 February 2019Zimunya, MutareAssaulted at 3 Infantry Brigade in Mutare and dumpedMDC Official
Dunmore Saunyama19 February 2019Zimunya, MutareAssaulted at 3 Infantry Brigade in Mutare and dumpedMDC Official
Owen Chari23 January 2019Tafara-MabvukuAssaulted and dumped in Mandara suburbMDC Activist
Blessing Toronga24 January 2019 [1]Glen Norah C Shopping Centre in Harare.Found DeadMDC Activist


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Tariro Zhangazha10 February 2017 [2]Harare CBDUnknownStreet Vendor


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Patson Dzamara16 November 2016[3]HarareAssaulted and dumped near Lake ChiveroPolitical Activist & MDC Official
Ishmael Kauzani01 Dec 2016 [4]HarareAssaulted, dumpedTajamuka Political Activist
Kudakwashe Kambakunje27 September 2016 [5]HarareAssaulted and dumped on a farm about 22km outside HararePolitical Activist


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Itai Dzamara9 March 2015Glenview, HarareStill MissingJournalism & Political Activism


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Paul Chizuze2012Bulawayo


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Jestina Mukoko3 December 2008Norton, HarareLocated in State Security custody on 24 December 2018Human Rights activist
Broderick Takawira8 December 2008Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), Mt Pleasant, HarareLocated in State Security custody on 24 December 2018Zimbabwe Peace Project official
Pascal Gonzo8 December 2008Zimbabwe peace Project, Mt Pleasant, HarareLocated in State Security custody on 24 December 2018ZPP Official
Gandhi Mudzingwa8 December 2008Msasa HarareFormer Personal Assistant to Morgan Tsvangirai
Zachariah Nkomo5 December 2008Rujeko, MasvingoBrother of leading Human Rights Lawyer, Harrison Nkomo
Concillia Chinanzvavana29 October 2008BanketUnknownMDC Official
Emmanuel Chinanzvavana (Concillia’s husband)29 October 2008Unknown
Fidelis Chiramba29 October 2008UnknownMDC Zvimba South District
Ernest Mudimu29 October 2008UnknownMDC parliamentary candidate for Zvimba North
Fanwell Tembo29 October 2008UnknownMDC Official, Zvimba South.
Terry Musona29 October 2008UnknownMDC Official
Lloyd Tarumbwa29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Collen Mutemagawo29 October 2008UnknownMDC Official, Zvimba South.
Collen Mutemagawo’s 2-year-old child29 October 2008Unknown
Violet Mupfuranhehwe29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Pieat Kaseke29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Gwenzi Kahiya29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Tawanda Bvumo29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Agrippa Kakonda29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist
Larry Gaka29 October 2008UnknownMDC Activist


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Patrick Nabanyana19 June 2000[6]Home (Nketa, Bulawayo)Still MissingMDC Activist


NameAbduction DatePlaceStatusKnown For
Rashiwe GuzhaMay 1990Still MissingOfficer in the CIO

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