Youth in Revolt

Our nation is like no other but is our generation doomed? Not if we can wake up and seize our freedoms that are an inherent part of a democracy.

What I see is that the youth can dream and have the capacity to do so, the desire to work towards it but hindered by the older generation that is grossly obsessed with the past and refuse to acknowledge the future. Our economy is run like a casino powered by out of touch policies and decisions on political and socioeconomic aspects of the nation based on ideologies better suited for the 1970’s than the 21st Century. With the leadership unwilling to let go then; rest assured the effects of this leadership will be felt for years to come.
‘Today’s youth listen to their elders’ stories of the past and wish that they had been part of an earlier generation – when they would have benefited from the country’s renowned education system, would have enjoyed decent health care and could have expected to find a job after graduation. Instead the polarised politics and economic misery of today have left the youth with little but scars.’ (M. Kademaunga, 2011)

As the voice of the youth, we will keep you posted on youth activism and violations against the youth of our country.



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